Technology & Benefits

DMInteract® All-in-one Interactive LED& Video Walls brings multiple technologies together.

LED Backlighting: Although there are multiple type of LED commercial displays but with thorough research DMInteract®, have chosen the technology which give awesome display along with balance of power consumption, control and heat generation. This comes in the form of LED Backlighting Full-Array LEDs which holds advantage over CCFL LCDs in all aspects. Also, they are behind the screen instead of being on edges as the case with Edge-Lit LEDs thus giving more dynamic and vibrant colours and brightness being uniformly distributed. The technology also gives higher range of contrast ratios. Furthermore the technology does not use Mercury in the production process thus making it environmentally friendly.


Size Variations:  The brand DMInteract® offers a diversified range of sizes each having its own unique set of features and uses. The sizes have been defined keeping the demographic demand variance.  Simply speaking, the market demands that the sizes are proportional to the audience presence area or if there are going to be more than one user at the same time then the requirement will be of higher sizes. Keeping the benefit in mind and thinking of widely accepted size DMInteract® Led Interactive Panels are available in 55”, 65”, 70”, 84” and 98”. Meanwhile the amazing DMInteract® Video Walls are available in panel sizes of 46”, 49” and 55”

Multitouch: Not Just touch but multi-touch. This means that because of meetings or teaching lessons being collaborative the DMInteract® has built in the capability of more than one person using the interactive feature at the same time. This makes the entire experience much more vibrant and collaborative. Using the latest in Infra Red (IR) technology the DMInteract® LED interactive displays provide a failover technology in which chances of any area becoming non response is next to zero. Each IR receptor is covering multiple areas thus providing failover. Customized Touch frames can also be jacketed on top of the video walls (optional) making them touch enabled thus giving a definite advantage over traditional video walls

Processing power: For a true All-in-one machine which not only provides access to digital world but makes it interactive, robust processing power is required. We have chosen the power of Intel® i5 processor and Windows operating system to provide the user the opportunity to make use of the computing capability available to them. The computing power can be increased on demand. On the other hand the DMInteract® LED interactive Panels also come with a separate processor to run android and all the applications available on Android.

Safety: Safety is a basic human need. No matter how much the technology progresses without safety features it will eventually lead to the downfall of the brand and its related products. DMInteract® has kept multiple safety features of the interactive LED in mind. The glass being used is anti glare to safeguard the vision and light fading/reflection effect on the retina of the audience. Plus glass is reinforced so it does not shatter or break easily. Multiple heat sinks ensure that no part becomes warm enough to burn. The stands have been tested to predefined weight limits.  All of these to ensure that the brand promise is delivered