About DMInteract®

First thing to know about DMInteract® is that this is not just a brand of Interactive LED and Video Wall but an entire thought process which took combining experience of technical experts, production champions and Marketing legends all related to the field of Interactivity, Digital Signages and Visual displays in UAE and Globally.

Using technology, we humans have created a digital world and we want to interact, feel and control this world more and more.
This is done by using the five defined sense. Technology has progressed since the days of Marconi who helped us listen to the digital world by inventing Radio. Then came Baird, with television which helped us use two sense to make digital world more realistic.

Now we are well on the way to the use of third sense i-e touch. What is the outcome? Interactive devices where apart from seeing and hearing we can interact with the digital world by using our touch sense.

The making of DMInteract® took sometime where multiple shortcomings were discovered in other brands. These were researched and then overcomed in the form of DMInteract® Led Interactive Panels and Digital Signage for customers in UAE and Globally. Now a robust brand is available in the market which provides Commercial Grade Displays that are best suited for Meeting rooms, Presentation arenas, Halls, Shopping Malls, classrooms, etc.

Being the brain child of Athar Business Machines FZE, the product has the right kind of technical, marketing and commercial support available in the form of a dedicated team.  The brand promises a warranty of 3 years packed with free training and is supported by an amazing Reseller channel.